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Admissions Application

To apply to SCU's Physician Assistant program, go to:

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Application fees are waived for students applying for accelerated science courses offered by the Institute of Science (IoS) or the Bachelors Completion Program (BCP). Please contact an Admissions Advisor for your application fee waiver code.

^ No classes on Easter weekend (4/18-4/19) ^^ No classes on 4th of July weekend ^^^ No classes on Thanksgiving weekend (11/28-11/29) ^^^^ No classes on Easter weekend (4/03-4/05) ^^^^^ No classes on 4th of July weekend ^^^^^^ No classes on Thanksgiving weekend (11/26-11/29)

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List in chronological order all post-secondary institutions you have attended regardless of length of attendance and even if no work was completed. Include previous attendance at this institution and any correspondence or extension courses taken. Attach an additional sheet of paper, if needed. (Official high school or GED and all college or university transcripts must be sent to the Office of Admissions. Failure to list all colleges or universities in which you have been enrolled, regardless of status, may disqualify your application.) For Accelerated Science Courses (Institute of Science), list your colleges or universities only if registering for courses with pre-requisites.
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Briefly describe your involvement in any extra-curricular activities in which you participated. Please include any scholarships or scholastic honors/awards, etc. received. Maximum 250 Words.

Personal Statement

State why you are interested in becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic, Licensed Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist, or taking accelerated science courses through the Institute of Science. *Minimum 300 Words.*

For the Bachelor Completion Program, please write a three page essay on your interest in attending SCU’s BCP and include your understanding of integrative medicine, integrative health, and the future opportunities and need for interprofessional practice.

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